Sunday, May 24, 2009

May 24, 2009

Summer is just around the corner and the 4 of you are changing every day. I could write a book about the funny things you do and say! I love that each of you can make me laugh just by being you!

Eli: Sweetheart boy! You are an outside boy for sure! You love to explore, but not necessarily get dirty. While your brother and sister go right for the sandbox, you are happy to stand around the edge for a while. Your grandma showed you how she can do "underdog" while you are in your swing. The other day I was pushing Allie and you walked under her swing (almost knocking you over) and said "underdog!" I love to hear you mimic all that you hear around you. Your vocabulary continues to astound us all. Thank goodness for trains, trucks, and cars...your favorite things lately. We live in such a great spot for you to look out the window at all of the cars, trucks, and buses that go down our street. By far you are the most gentle with your baby sister. You seem to really be delighted by her, and she feels the same way about you! Daddy and I will only put her in your crib because we know you will protect her. Thanks for always putting your shoes and hat away when we come inside. You are such a responsible helper and good listener Eli, I love EVERY inch of you!

Cara: Guess what you can do? Blow your nose!!! A recent cold went through our house and your nose ran for days. You would come up to me and say, "Mommy get boogers, tissue?!?!" Ha! You are starting to have an opinion about what you wear. You love to wear pink and aren't sure about other colors, but you know when something isn't pink. You think it is funny to say "ugly pants or shirt" since mommy always says "pretty shirt!" You are developing a love for chocolate and call it "ka-ka-let" When you drink your whole sippy cup you say, "yittle bit more?" Oh Cara, you are a good girl. Sure you have your moments of anger when you hit or poke an eye or two. But, for the most part you are an independent girl who likes to please. Your favorite snack these days are marshmellows and your favorite fruit is applesauce! You are my girl Cara, I love you to the moon and back!

Brady: Hi strong boy! I can't belive all you are doing these days. In the last three weeks you have gone from a boy who crawls to a big boy who walks! Hooray for you! Having three walking toddlers makes going outside so much easier. You are trying so hard to keep up with Eli and Cara and you are doing a great job! You may not be as fast, but they know you are a lot strong than them. You always win in a wrestling match or tug of war. Speaking of tugs of war my Brady, you are a stubborn one! We have to use time out in your crib lately because you like to dig your heels in and not comply with us. But as stubborn as you can be, you can be 10 times as sweet. I love your sweet kisses and snuggles! You just LOVE to play with play doh and you still love sweets! Mommy is kind of sad because your tiny hair is starting to grow in. I love to pet your soft fuzzy head. Brady boy, you steal my heart every day!

Allie: Oooo Allie, couldn't adore you any more! You are a big, big girl! 90th percentile for everything! I brag all the time about how easy you are to take care of, it is true! It is easy to get pushed to the side around here with three toddlers around, but you are so happy to just eat, play, and sleep. Your smiling blue eyes and big grin melt my heart! You are sitting up like a pro and I don't think it will be long before you crawl. Your excersaucer is your little vehicle to cruise around the house in. I have to say you sometimes drive me crazy in that thing because you are always under my foot, or running over it! You really torment Brady who is a little unsteady on his feet. You chase him in that thing as he screams for help! We are so grateful for you darling Allie, you bring sunshine in our house everyday.

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