Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May 6, 2009

Eli: You are the reason I sat down to write tonight buddy! Your ever-exploding language is keeping me laughing day after day! Yesterday as I got you up out of your crib, you dropped all of your stuffed animals and said, "Bye guys. See you later aliigators!" When you saw the garbage truck on Monday morning you said "taking stinky diapers," to which I asked, "Where will the truck take them?" You answered, "to grandma's house!" Eli you are a sweetheart. You share without fussing, you give kisses and hugs willingly, and you are kind to everyone. Our family is luckly to have you Beezer! I thought of one more precious thing. Tonight after we said our prayers, you took your Elmo's hands, put them together and said, "Elmo pray to Jesus." Too cute...

Cara: A few days ago mommy put you in a nightgown for the first time! What a big looked so precious. I love how in-tuned you are to me Cara-Beara. When I come down dressed in a nice outfit, you look at me and say, "Mommy pretty!" You are a cuddly little snuggle bug and daddy and I often fight over who gets to hold you when you get hurt. I bought you a baby doll bathtub for $1 and you think it is the greatest toy on earth. I love watching you lovingly wash you baby and imitate my every move. You are learning to say "I'm sorry mommy" when you make a mistake and it is the sweetest thing!

Brady: My stubborn little cutie! You give mommy a run for her money every day. We have had a few "standoffs" lately. I ask you to do something and you just tuck your chin down and refuse. Luckily, if I stand my ground long enough, you will give in. You are a tough boy Brady! You love to tackle your brother even though he doesn't like to wrestle. I'm so glad that you still will snuggle mommy and give me kisses. I love your sweet kisses Brady boy!

Allie: You are six months old today baby girl! You are a beauty and your smile melts my heart all day long. I love to go in and see you first thing in the morning. Even if you are crying, once you see me, your whole face just lights up! What a good girl you are. You are on a great schedule and are so easy to take care of. You love to sit in your excersaucer and you can scoot all around the house. You are sitting up on your own so well and it is so fun for you to watch you sister and brothers play. We have to put your bouncy seat away today Allie, and mommy is sad about it. You are just too big for it now, and need to be in a highchair. I'm really going to miss you infant days, you have brought me so much joy!

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