Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Easter Bunnies

Eli: My handsome little man! You are soaking up the world like a sponge. In just two weeks you will turn two and I'm just enjoying you at this age so much. You are so quirky and rigid about things. You need your "pippers on," your "green cup", and "dog and Elmo" to go to sleep. If not, you are going to be upset! You have discovered the snack drawer and will go to it throughout the day and ask for crackers. Despite the child lock, you can weasle your little hand in there and reach things! Your favorite toys right now are cars, trucks, and riding toys. You also love to take collections of toys from one room to another. For example you will run back and forth between the toy room and Allie's room and bring all of the cars with you. I love hearing you mimic everthing we say! Your language continues to explode and there is nothing you can't say! Mommy is trying so hard to find you a "Snuffy" doll for your birthday as he is your favorite character right now. I love you buddy...every inch of you:)

Cara: Mommy's little girl is growing so fast. You got your first major boo boo right before mommy, daddy, and Brady left for NYC. You ran into the molding on the doorway and got a huge goose egg and black eye! Your poor honey, it turned purple, then green, now yellow! We continue to think that your bark is worse than your bite. You certainly put up a fuss when in a confontation with your brothers, yet you easily back down after just a few seconds of protest. Mommy is so happy that you love to snuggle! You frequently crawl up into our lap during the day and just lay your head on our shoulders. Lately you are into a naughty little habit of squirting lotion, hand sanitizer...anyting you can get your hands on! You have become a finicky eater, usually eating only one good meal a day. Still struggling to learn your colors as you think everything is pink! You can count to ten with us saying one number, you saying the next! You are just a sweet little cuite and mommy LOVES to watch you grow:)

Brady: Hi brave boy! I can't believe all of the miles you have traveled in the last month. Can you believe that you have ridden on 4 airplanes? You are such a good boy when we have to go to your appointmnets. Your favorite activities are playdoh, stickers, and walking behind all of your push toys. Your whole personality is changing since your surgeries. You are no longer the clingy little boy you once were. We see you taking risks and not being afraid to make mistakes! Your language is exploding every day! Just like a big boy you talk about your tubies when mommy cleans them. You say things like "Clean white tubie!" and "Put pajamas on." As mommy turns out the light before you go to sleep, I love to hear you say "Love--ooo" for love you! Brady, mommy just thinks you are an amazing little miracle!

Allie: You are a pudgie little 5 month old! Our little dream baby is starting to be a little more demanding in life! You don't like to be put down anymore, you want to be where the action is! You are getting too big for your swing and your bouncy seat big girl. You love to jump in the jumperoo, sit in the highchair, or in the excersaucer. You grab at everything and with two hands pulls things to your mouth. You finished trying all vegetables and now we are starting fruits:) You still sleep through the night, and we are trying to get rid of your late night feeing. We wake you up before we go to bed and give you a small bottle, I think at almost 17 pounds you should be able to give that up! You still roll from back to front, and are working on rolling the other way. That beautiful smile and those bright blue eyes melt our hearts everyday. I'm just so glad to have a precious baby in our house!

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