Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Silly Crew

Well my sweeties, you bring smiles to me everyday!

Eli: I just can't believe all that you say these days! Your language is exploding and it is so fun to be your mom. You have caught on to mommy's coffee addiction and will tell me "Mommy's brown circle." Get it? My sweet Eli looks into my cup and he sees a brown circle!!! You also love to say "Oh no goodness!" which is a combination of "Oh no" and "Oh my goodness." You are the neighborhood watchdog. You know all of the neighbors names and the colors of their cars! You love to stand at the window and say "Ann's grey car" or "Daddy's black car." Your imagination continues to grow each and every day. You love to dress up and pile things into the play stroller and walk around the house. You say "Bye guys, see ya" when you leave the room. Every morning you through a fit until we put your "pippers (slippers)" on! Right now you love to snuggle with your stuffed dog and your Elmo in your crib. And yes, you still use your precious yellow binky at nap time and bedtime! I love being your mommy...

Cara: My sassy little buddy! You are trying to be just-like-mommy and I hope I live up to your expectations! When I'm dusting, you are dusting. When I'm feeding the baby, you feed your baby! It just melts my heart to see you nurturing your "mommy instincts!" I love doing your hair every morning. It is so fun to watch you pick through all of your pretties and babble while I brush your hair. We are playing a tickling game lately. I ask you "where do you want mommy to tickle you?" You always say "butt" first, then you add some of your other favorites "wrist, shoulder, neck, eyes, chin, cheeks" I think you know every body part. You want mommy to tuck you in now and I can't leave your room at naptime without hearing "tuck in?" You also have started saying "lub bu" for love you, so very sweet. You make huge messes at mealtimes and make me want to pull my hair out! You are no stranger to time outs and can really be a stinker! Thanks for keeping me on my toes and for being my girly girl.

Brady: You are a hilarious boy these days! You are getting to be quite the tough guy and are trying to wrestle Eli all the time. You start this growling sound and go up and tackle him. The problem is that he is completely afraid of you and runs away! Someday we can laugh at him for running away from you when all you can do right now is crawl after him! You are still loving you blanket and bite it as you fall asleep. Your favorite breakfast is cereal bars and you ask for all the leftovers on Eli and Cara's tray. Your favorite treats are still cookies and "mumums" of MnMs. You are learning your colors and doing great! I love the way you say "Ba-LOO" for blue. Mommy is so proud of how brave you are when we give you a bath and flush your tubies. Now you just sit there and hold the tubies for me. You love to make big messes in the play pull out every book, every Little Person, and every Easter Egg. I'm so glad you give mommy kisses and snuggles when I ask. Nothing is sweeter than a snuggle with Brady...

Allie: My big girl! I can't believe how much you have grown! I have to say you are growing too fast for me. I want to stop time for a while because you are just delightful. Mommy and daddy love to oogle over you and just love the way you suck in that lower lip and smile with your eyes. You are having a lot of fun in your jumperoo, rolling over, and putting toys in your mouth. You are fighting nap and bed time now, we haven't done the best sleep training yet! Sometime soon we will start giving you veggies! I just can't say how happy it makes me to go in and find you awake and smiling every morning. My world just wasn't complete until God put you in it:)

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