Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Brady: You deserve so much more than what you're getting in life right now buddy! But, despite it all, you amaze me everyday. You are a HUGE momma's boy and love to say "up please" all day long! You can play by yourself for an hour in the toy room and other days you just want to be held. We've never seen sillier boy than you Brady. You giggle at bedtime every night and do funny things like "pounce" like Tigger. You are coming along with your words all the time. Your new words/phrases are " look bus, big clouds, and sit dadda!" Since your surgery you are doing more and more things every day. You are pulling to stand more quickly and the look on your face tells me you feel more in your legs than you did before. You love cookies the best, but also love vegetables! In your crib you snuggle your Cookie Monster and have to fall asleep biting your "bankie." We love you Brady!

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