Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cara: My little diva! We call you Cara Bara just because it rhymes I guess:) You have more sass than anyone I've ever met (and secretly I love that about you!) Your favorite thing to do is drink your definitely get most of your calories from that darn milk cup! Every morning mommy puts your hair up in "pretties" and you sit so patiently and love to play with your "pretty box." You and I play chase around the house and you just love to scream when I catch you. You take very good care of your baby doll that grandma got you for Christmas. An hour will go by as I watch you put clothes on, take them off, feed the baby, change the baby's diaper, and burp the baby. Speaking of burp, your favorite words are "toot, butt, loud, and burp." What a lady you are! You put 3 words together very well, sometimes 3, like "On the baby" or "Baby, burp, Loud!" When mommy does housework, like dusting, you will follow me around the whole time imitating me...too cute! I always tell you that you are my best buddy! I love you little girl!

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