Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Clean Team

After dinner I was walking around cleaning the baseboards with a broom. As always, Cara you were behind me immitating my every move. You will silently follow me from room to room as I clean and do just what I do. It is too sweet! Tonight you brothers joined you and I as we cleaned. Eli had his play dustpan and Brady crawled along with us carrying a play mop. I kept saying, "Come on Clean Team" and then you each would say "clean team." It was so adorable to watch you each trying to be just like mommy:)

Today Allie you just started talking up a storm. You definitely are learning that your can make neat sounds with your voice. You make sounds like "goo, arggg, and ahhh." You are becoming a nosey little girl and you turn your head towards sounds all the time.

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