Thursday, March 12, 2009

Silliness and Sassiness

Life at our house continues to be loud and chaotic.

Eli--you are such an imaginative boy. Your new favorite activities include putting on sunglasses, hats, and random shoes and walking around pushing the stroller or grocery cart. You often will say, "Bye guys" and even will carry one of Cara's purses with you. You don't realize how silly you look. You love describing what you see outside. You stand at the window and say things like "grandma's brown car" or "big loud truck." You are very interested in what color things are, and you are about 70% accurate:) You give kisses and hugs to everyone, although you like to withhold them from mommy because you know it gets me!

Cara---what will I do with you? I love you little girl, you are my best bud, but I like the book about strong willed children was written for you. Today I told you that I think you will grow up to be a bull suits you! You love your mommy and your care and concern for me melts me heart. You are having a lot of fun lately destroying your food and not eating it. Many times in a day you are ending up in a time out in your crib for various offenses like throwing toys, spitting, hitting the baby, being defiant. I hope you don't lose that spunk, I just have to figure out how to deal with it!

Brady--what would you do without your Poppa? You love your grandpa so very much (he loves you too!) Your favorite thing to do is play chase these days, even though you have to be carried around. We all spend a lot of time carrying you and running after Eli and Cara. I know you are a thrill seeker...I can't wait to ride the JackRabbit with you at Seabreeze someday. Your stubbornness gets you into trouble sometimes, but you are learning that a quick time out can be a good thing.

Allie---my sweet little cupcake! We got out the jumperoo yesterday and you love it! You figured out how to jump away within minutes. You are talking all the time, an adorable little babble "aahhhh, arrgghhh, aahhooo." Feeding you is difficult right now because you are very nosey. You constantly whip your head around to see what is happening in the room. You are still eating only rice/oatmeal...I plan on trying veggies after your appointment next week.

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