Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Eli: You're are such a funny little man these days. We still call you "Beezer," a name mommy gave you because I used to say "Sneezer Beezer" after you sneezed and you would laugh. You are a big sleepy head and still like to take a little morning nap in addition to your 2 1/2 hour one in the afternoon. You love your binky (only in your crib), your Elmo, and to snuggle! I've never seen a child eat like you! You clean your plate almost every time and often clean the plate of your sister too! Your vocabulary is so big right now that I can't count your words. You literally say EVERYTHING! You can put 2-3 words together like "Gmas black car" and "go downstairs momma." You are learning your colors and can tell us what color car everyone drives. Eli you are such a caring boy, you care for everyone and make sure everything is fair. You are sensitive and kind of a big baby! Our family just wouldn't be as special if it didn't have you. Love you buddy!

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